Pros and Cons of Two Types of Pipes

Dated: June 7 2022

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Here are some important things to know about PEX and copper pipes.


If you’re planning to replace the pipes in your house, I’m going to help mitigate your learning curve in less than 10 minutes. In today’s part one, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of PEX piping and copper piping.

One of the key advantages of PEX piping is that it’s a cheaper option. You can get a quote from a copper piping company and a PEX piping company, and you’ll see the difference. PEX piping is also more robust than copper piping. It’s a sturdier product, and all the connections work really well together. With copper lines, they often have to solder fittings, and there is always the potential for human error in a situation like that.

Another advantage of PEX piping is that it causes less destruction in your house. When you want to repipe your lines, the old pipes are abandoned. If you’re using a copper line, there is more destruction involved because copper is not as flexible when you want to put the lines inside. Pipefitters have to make more holes in your drywall with copper. The PEX piping doesn’t require as much labor or destruction.

Finally, PEX piping has no oxidation. Copper pipes oxidize over time, which can cause leaks and rust. I have homes with PEX piping that haven’t seen leaks in over 10 years.

"PEX piping can become brittle if exposed to the sun."

What about the disadvantages of PEX piping? For one, it’s a little bit like plastic or PVC in that it’s not UV protected. If your line is somehow exposed to the sun, PEX piping can become brittle. Most PEX piping is inside the house, but I’ve seen situations where they have to cross something in the yard. In that case, you have to figure out how to put a metal casing on your PEX line if it’s exposed to the sun.

Another disadvantage is rodents. If you have a house with a raised foundation that was built before 1960, pests and rodents can likely get in. There's a good chance that they’ll get in your pipes and chew them—that wouldn't happen with copper piping.

Which company should you choose to help you install your new pipes? Stay tuned in a few weeks for part two, where I’ll go through the pros and cons of the three major plumbing companies that work with these types of pipes.

If you have any questions for me in the meantime about your pipes or anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Pros and Cons of Two Types of Pipes

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